Problem creativity, China deserved thumbs up. Bamboo Curtain country has been marketed first Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0 tablets, Ainol Novo7. And the Android operating system developers, Google, and other large companies have sold 4.0 Android-based tablet that.

Interestingly, Google does not feel overwhelmed by the presence of tablets sold under the price of $ 100 or less than $ 1 million. They actually welcome the presence of low-cost Android tablet with high performance for the consumer.

"Tablet low price with high performance is a big win for consumers," said Andy Rubin, Google's Senior Vice President. "This is a picture of how the openness of Android encourage innovation and competition that benefits consumers."

Ainol Novo7 tablet was a 7-inch 1 GHz processor and powered artificial vendor MIPS, 8-hour battery life and the ability to record HD video. Currently the new tablets sold in China. But according to plan, Ainol Novo7 will be sold in other countries too.


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