Some time ago, Soo Young Girls' Generation got an offer to play a role in the series "Speed". Now Soo Young will soon get a partner. Male lead actor falls on the series "Boys Over Flower" (2009), Kim Hyun Joong.

"His agency has approved Kim Hyun Joong to take that role," said the representative of the production of "Speed". "But the formal contract was not signed at this time."

While Hyun Joong's management also confirmed the news himself. "It's true that we accepted the offer and we are very optimistic when I saw the script," said that shade Keyeast Entertainment Hyun Joong.

Unfortunately, there has been no information about Hyun Joong's role in the series. Only the role of Soo Young who announced that as a bone doctor who handles car racing team. Since the series about car racing competition, it is likely that Hyun Joong will act as a driver.

In addition to Young Soo, the aging actor Lee Jung Jae Hyun Joong will also accompany the series. "Speed" directed by Yang Yoon Ho who also directs the series "IRIS" (2009). The plan, the series will premiere in April 2012 Chosun TV stations.


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