2011 a golden year Taylor Swift. Former boyfriend Taylor Lautner has just completed a concert tour of "Speak Now" it, which is then released Wonderstruck perfume sold in the market, and released the music video for "Ours" which many viewed netter. Taylor is now preparing to make a new breakthrough for the year 2012.

Especially if the surprise is not an album that is currently working on. Taylor said his fourth album will be different than ever before. Reportedly, Taylor will invite collaboration girl singer who is currently also being reached the peak of his career, Nicki Minaj.

"I love it. Time perform at Staples Center concerts and sing 'Super Bass' with me, it feels like a dream come true," said Taylor. "It's nice to work with him, and I'm just a fan."

When asked the possibility of cooperation in the new album, Taylor was still reluctant to tell the truth. "We do not do things together for now. But I want to do it someday.'ll Be fun," said Taylor.

To keep the surprise sensation of the new album, Taylor was still details of his album material. Taylor simply said, "I can not tell, because it's a secret. Everything will be released in time, because each song has its own theme. Recording is done and this is no different (secret)."


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