Song Hye Kyo 'Vogue' Photo

Song Hye Kyo's appearance is always clean and fresh with a thin makeup apparently is no longer valid. For the sake of Vogue magazine, published in December 2011, Hye Kyo makeup would be different.

Combined with a dark gray skirt kemerlap, Hye Kyo wear tight tops with thin and transparent skin showing ornament motif Hye Kyo quite clearly. While eyeshadow on eyelids is thick enough to spread over a dark color. Shooting this time as if to give the impression of darkness.

Some fans Hye Kyo asked 'To what exactly the concept that picture?' and there is also the praise of his superiors transparent. But there are also fans who commented sarcastically, "The wind will go between the boss".

South Korean actress 29-year-old last played as a woman who loses her lover in the film drama 'Today'. This film has just played for free in Jakarta in order to 'Korean Movie Festival with Lotte Cinema'. Currently, Song Hye Kyo was in China for the filming of his latest film 'The Great Descendants'.


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