What many predicted came true. Girls' Generation is directly coupled with their rivals, Wonder Girls, on the stage of KBS "Music Bank" issue of December 2. Perched on the side of the Girls' Generation. They managed to beat the Wonder Girls from the acquisition score.

The day Girls' Generation is still the song "The Boys", while the Wonder Girls perform "Be My Baby". At the peak of the event, two popular girlband are juxtaposed in the center of the stage to listen to the acquisition of the joint. The faces of the personnel Wonder Girls looks quite tense. Girls' Generation finally smiled with satisfaction when their scores were higher than group care that JYP Entertainment.

In addition to Girls' Generation and Wonder Girls, "Music Bank" on it also presents a stage action IU who sang "You & I" and "Uncle". There is also a Dynamic Duo comeback with the song "Friday Night".

Netter many fans and congratulated the Girls' Generation over their victory. "History is happening today. 'The Boys' officially becomes the third song that became champion with six wins in a row," said a netter. "This achievement has never happened since the 'Hoot' in 2010."


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