Players series "Dream High 2" began to be exposed one by one. After T-ara Jiyeon certainly got the main role, now turn to Kwon Sae Ri and a member of boyband 2AM, Jin Woon, will join.

Both actors and actresses will add a long list of young Korean celebrities who took part in the musical series. Actually, besides Sae Ri and Jin Woon, some stars will also complement the series. Among them are Hyorin Sistar, Ailee and the couple pretended to Super Junior Leeteuk, Kang Sora.

The young stars are selected through a rigorous series of auditions conducted by the production of "Dream High 2". But for Sae Ri, chosen specifically because he is a debutant singer Key East Entertainment is producing the series. She was chosen because the image of innocence that is considered in accordance with the character he played teens who will in the series.

The plan, the sequel series "Dream High" will be more musical. The director wanted to focus more on singing and dancing than the series storyline.

At that time, "Dream High" success starring a young Korean singers like Taecyeon 2PM, Suzy miss A and IU. "Dream High 2" is scheduled for release in January 2012 and aired on the station MBC.


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