Crocodiles are generally known as malignant was also a soft side. Evidently, an Australian crocodile named Nelson (17 years) which has a length of 3 meters and weighing 120 kg was not rejected when it is embraced by the handler reptiles, Stuart Parker.

"You can work very closely with alligators because their natural attitude of the meek," Stuart said that he's playing with Nelson. "They even let you scratch the bottom of their chins."

Of course Nelson had indeed been previously trained to be familiar with humans both at home and swimming pool. "That is, we do not have to empty the contents of the pool and then clean it and remove the crocodile because it actually makes them a little stressful," said Stuart.

Uniquely, the crocodile also be gentle with her ​​partner. "If a male seducing a female, he swam under and around it and then blowing bubbles will massage the neck and back of the female with his snout," said Stuart.


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