When asked where he'd choose between career and family, UEE did not take long to answer. She will choose family over career in entertainment. This was conveyed After School personnel that when interviewed by TV Report, Thursday, December 1st.

"If someone who loved me told me to quit the music industry and live a quiet life together, I would definitely think about it," said UEE. "No matter whether she comes from a wealthy family or not."

"Regarding the marriage, I plan to vacuum from the entertainment industry if you already have children. I'll come back if she had entered elementary school," said UEE. "I want to give my son a lot of love as given to me and my brother's mother. That's my dream."

However, UEE admits she still tried to reach his goal. She also admitted to marvel at the senior who successfully underwent a dual role as wife and actress.

"When my son reached a certain age, I'll be back. As senior Kim Nam Joo, Jun In Hwa and Oh Yeon Soo. I want to be a perfect figure despite giving birth," said UEE. "Like them, I want to sharpen my acting talent first and return to the industry after having a family."


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