Jason Ellis premieres its brand new series of Ellis Mania, Top Chef Season 3 arias Masters and Extreme Couponing debuts his madness.

Jason Ellis fans are preparing for the premiere of his Ellis Mania series tonight on FUEL TV. Curtis Stone is on Top Chef Season 3 Masters, which will host tonight on BRAVO air. TLC offers a bizarre new series of Extreme Couponing, which will premiere tonight! When you see American Idol on Fox, select one of these three shows to entertain you until the early hours of the night.

"Ellis Mania is a Let's-get-together-and punch-each-other-in-the-face-party." I have to give it to my fans, the times of their lives. I'm really excited to bring it to a much larger television audience with FUEL TV. "...." It is the funniest fight night, which is never happened and it's the funniest thing you'll ever see in a boxing ring. I would say it's the funniest thing happened this year and again last year. There is no video you have, that's funnier than my TV show. I think my show is the funniest, most exciting thing to think was on TV in two years, and I cannot to any other show ever was better," Jason's said.

"I have never produced or even seen a show like this before ... It's really a painful lesson in humility for all those present in the ring, be a part of the Ellis Mania. We are happy filming this amazing and totally entertaining event, and bring it to television for the first time ever," FUEL TV production and development VP Scott Paridon said.

Shot at the Hollywood Palladium, the four-part mini-series features a showcase of the many known fighters such as UFC champion Tim Sylvia and Jason "Mayhem" Miller, and mixed martial arts fighter Kit Cope. There will also be appearances by Animal Planet Wild Recon "host Donald Schultz and motocross pro Ronnie Faisst and former heavyweight boxer and trainer Justin Fortune, comedian Nick Swardson, two time Supercross champion Chad Reed and musician Everlast.

Jason Ellis is perhaps best described as an Australian professional skateboarders, Mixed Martial Arts fighter and actor known. Ellis, host of the infamous Jason Ellis show on Sirius Radio (XM 52) on 28th Faction The Jason Ellis show focuses on a high action sports and current events and is laced with raw comedy.

Last but not least is probably one of the most bizarre concept for a TV show. TLC will debut his brand new show Extreme couponing. Yes, the show about exactly what you think. Crazy ass people tell their stories about how they use coupons and save a lot of shit money, how boring does that sound? For those of you who put to sleep melody in the series premiere of Extreme Couponing, that at 9 | 8c on TLC.


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