Lee Dong-wook has just signed an exclusive contract with Gameloft Entertainment. Yes, the agency is headed by CEO Lee Jin Sung is none other than the place actress Kim Sun Ah.

"We are delighted to be working with Lee Dong-wook who has a perfect face to attract the attention of a woman and a charismatic acting ability," said CEO Jin Sung. "He made a successful comeback to the series 'Scent of A Woman' after completion of military service and is known as an actor and a star. Included in Korea, now she is the star of Hallyu in Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines and Singapore as well as favored by many people. "

Thus, Dong-wook is now officially a co management Sun Ah, Sung Yuri, Kim Bum, Park Min Young, Lee Chung Ah, Lee Jin, Lee Kwang Soo, You Yun Suk, Jung Min Song and Il Joo Ji.

"We're trying to help to maximize the talent and charisma that belongs to Dong-wook," said Jin Sung. "We will also strive to make it as actors shine. Please support him to be more active in various fields."

Meanwhile, Dong-wook recently awarded the Grand Prize in Cultural Awards 2011 event, indicating its status as a Hallyu star. He was also recently selected as the main actor in the latest series of KBS, "Violent Romance", which will be starred with Park Yeon Sun.

Lee Dong Wook started skyrocketed after a role as Seol Gong Chan in the series "My Girl" (2005). Acting in other popular series such as "La Dolce Vita" (2008) and "Partners" (2009) catapulted him more. Some who once starred in the movie title is "The Recipe" (2010), "Heartbreak Library" (2008), "The Perfect Couple" (2007) and "Charcoal" (2006).


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