It's very common in aircraft during flight is not allowed to use a communication tool. But starting next year, airline passengers can surf the Continental United ria although the plane was airborne.

Usually passengers do various activities to pass the time while flying across the inter-state such as reading or watching movies. United Continental plans to activate the Wi-Fi will provide alternative activities of the occupants of the surf.

Shareholders of United Continental announced a partnership with Panasonic Avionics company to provide Wi-Fi access to passengers while in the air. This service is available in more than 300 airline's flights. The plan will begin in mid 2012. At the end of 2015, the entire fleet of aircraft will be equipped with satellite technology-based Wi-Fi is.

My Panasonic technologies provide Gogo Inflight Internet service that offers better speed than the connections from the mainland. Some companies are using the Gogo service is like U.S. Airways, American Airlines, Delta, AirTrans and Virgin America.

With high speed, United Continental plans wireless streaming of video content. Meanwhile, airlines can direct passengers to watch the entertainment options during a flight with Wi-Fi connection, such as through the streaming service Netflix or Hulu Plus in a tablet, smartphone or laptop.

Panasonic system will be installed in a Boeing 747, 757, 767, 777 and 787 aircraft like Airbus 319 and 320. United Continental shareholder has not provided pricing information that Wi-Fi service. The cost of in-flight Wi-Fi is usually around 10 dollars to 50 dollars for access to laptops and 5 dollars to 20 dollars for access using a smartphone.


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