You do not need a diet to lose weight. An easy way to lose weight by burning calories and limiting.

Here are some tricks:

1. Limit your fluids by drinking only herbal tea and water
Juice and diet soda will put on weight. If you want to eat the fruit, peel and eat, but do not juice. You'll get lots of fiber and less sugar.

2. Eating with chopsticks
We'll eat slower and fuller faster. Thus, we will not add unnecessary calories.

3. Exercise during the day
Try the exercises you can do in the workplace, such as playing table tennis with friends, basketball, soccer, or riding a bicycle to the office.

4. Perform activities that involve the lymphatic system
Try walking, jumping rope, or rebound. Add movement to your exercise routine to burn calories.

5. Add cinnamon
Add the cinnamon in the diet or drink. Cinnamon can control insulin spikes that often occur after meals.

6. Add weight training
The more muscles that work the better. So, do not be afraid to add a burden on the exercise

7. Stay away from partially hydrogenated oils or fats
This is a fake fat and will stay in the body for a long time.


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