MAURITIUS is a beautiful tropical island, 500 miles from the coast of Madagascar. Also has natural beaches, tropical forests and awesome mountains.

Beaches in Mauritius is the most beautiful beaches in the world. Many of the rocks and the water is turquoise and has a pretty big waves, and has a calm water conditions.

You can also enjoy water activities such as challenging adrenaline: sailing, scuba diving, wind surfing, water skiing, and diving. You can also rent camping equipment and spends several days in the hills.

Your search for a suitable place for a honeymoon, Mauritius is the right place. Many hotels offer packages for weddings and honeymoons.

Mauritius is a paradise for those who like fishing because the fish here is quite diverse.

A Hindu temple named Maheswarnath built in 1819 as a tribute to Lord Shiva, Krishna, Vishnu, Muruga, Brahma and Ganesha. Interested to visit?

Friendliness of its people, delicious food, sandy beaches in Mauritius, providing the exact composition for the escape of all fatigue.


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